Global Citizenship

Sustainably Responsible

Sustainable, responsible behavior is a priority. It benefits society and our business. At Starwood, we enlist our global network of hotels, our world-renowned brands, and our dedicated associates in our Global Citizenship efforts to ensure our environmental and social standards are consistently upheld. We aim to integrate these standards into our operations and culture in order to create a better world for our guests, customers, owners, and communities to experience.

Social Responsibility: Unlocking Potential

Our character as hoteliers is to take care of people and places. We recognize that the vitality of our business is directly linked to the vitality of the communities in which we operate. With the goal of helping associates and neighbors around the world reach their potential, our community involvement focuses in three areas: Opening Doors to Opportunity through mentoring, general education and specialized job skills training; Taking Pride in Our Places through local area restoration, preservation and beautification projects; and Responding to Neighbors in Need by addressing the most basic needs when natural disaster strikes. We are not only building a business, we are also helping to build the community that surrounds that business.

Environmental Sustainability: Building Resilience

Incorporating a triple-bottom line approach of environmental, financial and social responsibility, we are committed to finding innovative ways to do more with less and to supporting owners and developers in the pursuit of sustainable development. Having established goals around energy & water reduction (30/20 by 20: 30% reduction in energy usage / 20% reduction in water consumption by 2020 per built room across all owned, managed and franchise properties) and emissions (30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020), we provide our properties with wide-ranging, economically viable operational and systems initiatives as well as sustainable design and construction guidance to minimize environmental impact. Across our portfolio, we continue to implement guest-facing programs including Make a Green Choice, sustainable food & beverage, and Sustainable Meeting Practices. And we are developing innovative product & technology partnerships for renewable energy, waste minimization, biodiversity improvement and carbon offset opportunities, in order to drive sustainability efforts, thereby reducing our risk, and building resilience into our properties so we can continue to positively impact the communities in which we operate.